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  1. That's a great idea! You really did do a lot of work on it. I think we could break it out into its own mod project, put all our names on it, and allow anyone else to use it. Honestly, thinking about it some more, I think the best thing is just to let the community use the stuff I make. That way, everyone is able to benefit and can make cooler maps. I'd be happy to talk to you some more about this idea if you'd like - I'm GabeTheCoder#7997 on Discord. I hope there's no hard feelings!
  2. AngryChickens, I meant the compliment genuinely. I have downloaded and played the map, and really did enjoy it! I understand your sentiment and what you're saying, although I might disagree on some points. That being said, I did not mean to publicly shame you, and I apologize if that is the effect my comment had. I agree, let's just enjoy some Teardown and make content that people can enjoy.
  3. Hey, nice map! It's cool to see someone else use my weather options system! Although some credit would be nice 🙂
  4. I'd be happy to help as well 🙂
  5. I hope to add it soon! I haven't downloaded the experimental branch yet myself, but I hope to get around to it in the next few days.
  6. Thank you! I created almost all the assets in this map. Only the yellow van, saloon car, and pine trees were stock assets already in the game. Let me consider your proposal and I will get back to you, thanks!
  7. Version 1.3.1


    This is my college dorm which I designed to be as accurate as possible! Still a work in progress, but I wanted to share what I had up to this point (close to 200 hours of work!) Also included is a working elevator and fire alarm. I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think and any suggestions you have. Reuse and modification Please feel free to reuse any code or assets contained in this map, however I would ask that you credit me on your submission's page and in any applicable files (within a comment in a lua or XML file for instance). I'd be happy to help you ada
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