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    Well done and useful! Thanks for sharing these! Q: If users wanted to use these in their own TD mods do you require attribution?
    5/5! Don't miss this highly detailed and creative map. Fun level -enjoyed the shrunk feeling! Easy to imagine many fun mini games to be played in such environments. Thanks for sharing 🙂
  1. Where is your double jump mod?
    6/5! Must have mod! Impressive professional work! We all hope WhiteStar continues designing killer levels!
    5/5 We all hope Malou's first map won't be his last! We want more! (Please)
    5/5 Excellent mod! Please keep up the great work!
    Adding even more destruction to Teardown! Very fun!
    5/5 Must have mod! Thank you!
    Fun mod! A lot of effort went into making this mod, thanks for sharing!
    5/5! Excellent work! Another great chopper mod! Perfect music choice! Must have! Would you consider allowing me (and other modders) to share our improvements to this mod back to TeardownMods.com without the need for attribution/credit? (I only improve and share mods which don't require attribution, as this really impedes the creative process and will become a worse problem in the future when mods are composed of so many other mods it will become tasking to track down the code used for the many different elements of the mods.) This is especially true for this mod which will/could prov
    5/5! With this mod, Teardown becomes even better! There is much room for growth/future additions to this mod like the helicopter needs to be destructible and explode when mass is less than some percentage, among many other functions. I would love to add the features I have in mind! Also I thought I would mention, I talked to TalbotUncharted3 on discord and he does not require attribution for his models (like the helicopter) as they are his own creations but replicas based on the original Teardown models. Furthermore the chase_chopper.lua script is untouched from the TD original script.
    Love twisted metal! Great idea. We will definitely be able to add attack/weapons to these. Keep up the good work and thank you!
  2. Version 0.5.2


    This Quickload mod will save you time. Previous splashscreen skippers do not work with the current Teardown version (0.5.2), so I made this extremely simple fix/mod is for those who don't mess with coding. To install: Unzip (right click and choose unzip) Copy "0.5.2 Quickloader - skips splashscreens" mod folder (right click and choose copy or press ctrl+c) Open your Teardown install location (open Steam, Right click Teardown and click -> Properties -> Local files tab -> Browse local files button.) Backup original file spla
    Wow. Just Wow. Best snow mod yet and by a long shot! Keep up the good work AP!
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