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  1. I have every available map on this website, so I kinda don't want to reinstall them all.
  2. Just a note. Your map has the infamous "lag grass" every time you break the ground it lags for a second despite nothing else making it lag.
  3. JazBurr

    The Block (Suspended)

    Are you going to fix it lagging even when just being in the map and even on a god tier PC?
  4. The reason it lags isn't the explosion... breaking a single bit of grass causes lag. you have that weird lag grass. IDK what causes it, but you have it and 90% of the level is made out of it. Otherwise great map. Hope this comment helped.
  5. JazBurr

    Narrow boats

    You can update mods. You don't have to keep uploading them for every update.
  6. Can you add a way to turn off the reactor sounds (the buzz/humm)? I know the game has audio sliders but I want to be able to hear breaking things and explosions etc.
  7. JazBurr

    My House

    This has potential.
  8. JazBurr

    Every Vehicle Map

    This mod isn't working with new modloader. How do I make it work?
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