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  1. Yeah ideally I'd like to have these on a playground-style map. It's just a matter of the time it takes to make one and it's likely to be the focus of a 1.1 release. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Will the conductor stop the train?
  2. Objective_trash: I don't know yet if that's possible as I'm new to the lua scripting and I'm not sure if the API allows for modding the material properties for specific objects only and not everything else. I actually like the current behavior of the ragdolls when it comes to damage from dynamic objects, though I wish they could be damaged a little more from "squashing", such as when crashing a truck into a wall with ragdolls in between. It would also be cool if there was a way to "break bones" by dynamically splitting an object into two and adding a joint between them when the "break" happens
    Cool! Any way you could keep dynamic object collisions active while flying? If you load stuff into the back while landed and then start flying it the stuff immediately falls through.
  3. "Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?"
    Irresponsible and fantastic use of the ragdolls. Approved! 👌 Looking forward to more updates!
    I love it when maps include natural looking terrain. Great map! Keep it up.
    Nice use of the radgolls! 😁 Awesome map!
  4. Version 1.0.2


    This map is broken as of Teardown build 0.6, which disabled physics on all scaled voxels. I may "fix" it by making the voxels normal scale and having low-detail ragdolls similar to those in the crash test dummies mod, but there is no timeline for this. This is a map with a few 1:1 scale ragdoll humans that have internals. They are based on kszabi98's ragdoll giant humans (many thanks!) and scaled down by half in MagicaVoxel and then scaled down again to 0.3 voxel size in Teardown. I also made a few changes to their proportions, joint flexibility and added a new spine joint to try to get t
    One of my favorite maps. Would it be possible to put some machinery in the top of the elevator shaft and connect some cables to the elevator?
    Awesome! Made it destructible. beast.vox
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