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  1. CoolJWB

    Creative Mod

    It seems like the file on the server corrupted as my zip is fine, I will see if I can upload it again but I won't continue doing this over and over. Most of the community moved to the workshop and I might make a new version of it someday but then it will be on the workshop.
  2. CoolJWB

    Creative Mod

    I always respond when someone pings me if I notice it, if you wanna make sure I see it then you can contact me on my Discord server (if you still have issues with the mod itself) or you can enter the official Teardown Discord if you need help with UMF or such. I'm also pretty sure the tutorial will still work for v0.5.x and the create file should not matter as it's not relevant to the installation!
  3. Version broken


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    A well made level with a lot of detail put into it and is perfect for destruction. I've used this for a few hours and I'm already stuck to it, the level design makes it easy to test mods and I'm interested in how this will look when it's finished 🙂!
  4. I never disabled the debugging mode before I released it, apologies! I will release a fix to this real soon!
  5. It seems like there was an issue with the render scale of the first version, if you downloaded the mod before this comment was posted you'll need to change the render scale in the mod options to above 0 or press the reset button. If you have any other issues please contact me on Discord (CoolJWB#5847)!
  6. Version v1.2.3


    Moved to https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2419552682
  7. CoolJWB

    Creative Mod

    I added information on how to use it in the mod description, the breaker will be applied to the sledge and makes it possible to destroy most voxels (except ground and such), the breaker works by pressing the C key while holding an object and it will freeze it in place.
  8. CoolJWB

    Creative Mod

    Version broken


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