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  1. Я не уверен, что вы сказали, но я думаю, что ответ North Pine Mall. Если это не то, что вы хотите, пожалуйста, спросите еще раз с другой формулировкой.
  2. Sorry for responding so late, but I still don't really know what you want. It can already be set to both 1 and 150 (and more) with the raise and lower buttons, so do you want the slider to go from 1 to 150? If so, I don't think that's a good idea since the smaller the range is, the easier it is to set it to just the right number. And since you can still select numbers lower than 50, I don't see any seen for it
  3. What do you mean? You can already set it to absolutely any integer between (and including) 50 and 150, and there's no button that changes it by 5 at a time, so what is it that you want to be added?
  4. Wait, so did the options.txt file have the error message in it after you launched Teardown or did it have that xml code? Also, what exactly did you do with the second file after downloading it? Did you immediately open it and it had the same contents as the first options.txt file or was that after you ran Teardown with it?
  5. Are you sure you followed the instructions correctly? It seems to work fine for me, even on the experimental version. If you installed the mod before 0.7.2 then the update probably overwrote the file and you'll have to reinstall it. If you've just now correctly installed the mod and it still isn't working, I'd prefer continuing this over discord, and my account is What42Pizza#0283.
  6. Version 1.3.3


    This mod, inspired by https://teardownmods.com/index.php?/file/88-renderscale-slider/, adds much better control to your render scale. Now you have not only a slider, but also buttons that can raise and lower the render scale to pretty much whatever you want. You set it to anything from 1 to 500 (though I really don't suggest anything over 200) None of those change the currently used render scale, though. Every change you make is done to a temporary value that is then moved to the actual render scale. This is because setting the render scale causes a huge lag spike, and setting it makes it
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