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  1. Version 1.0.0


    It's a crossing with two tracks and two trains, which can cause massive BOOM (sorry for bad english and being dumb)
  2. D.ogg

    Voxel Plaza

    me: loads THIS my 2009 PC: *nuclear bomb sounds*
  3. D.ogg

    NGNT Nuclear Facility

    I had to repair my PC after loading this sh*t
  4. D.ogg


    Ого, русские и сюда дошли
  5. My PC burned just loading the video... 😢
  6. do i need beta for this?
  7. D.ogg

    Fuel trailer

    Can it make a BOOM?
    oh, so you play beamng? Name every vehicle (I play too) Ah yes the bus is NICE
  8. D.ogg


    А я смотрю ты русский
    OMG THIS IS DA BEST MAP LOL I caused game crash in cause of big speed LOOOL
    Oh no grafics on photo is so good, that im gonna cry again (GT440 + bad english)
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