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  1. Parati is like shorter version of VW passat b3
  2. Why not?He dont use VW name for business purposes. There are tons of mods with car names from other games. Only devs are restricted to copyright if they dont have license for it.
  3. edvinminirovic


    I wonder if this mod will ever get updated
  4. 107 downloads in just 52 hours?Nice
  5. Largely because on some places grass and dirt is 20 blocks deep and even up to 40.I made the grass like that so you can dig trenches and to destroy it with weapons.
  6. Now its cloudy🙂
  7. Version 7.1


    Stalingrad Tractor Plant 1942.Map features: -Sd kfz. 251 with real working tracks -working 152mm Howitzers -working MG34s -working 60mm Mortar -Panzer and T34 -Plant it self with production line of rockets and tanks -sniper building -trenches -Kar98 -sandbags for cover -abonded tank Instalation: Install UMF: https://github.com/Thomasims/TeardownUMF Install avf : put all files in mods and replace weapons.lua and ammo.lua enjoy
  8. edvinminirovic

    Tutorial map

    Remember when you where struging with impoting .vox models in TD
    Its good map but it would be cool if you connect finish to start so when you get to end you can keep driving also wheels arent centered but it should be easy fix in editor.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Its a CS map named De dust 2(de_dust2) made inside TD. There are 3 cars on map also CS knife. Instalation: -put de_dust2 in mods folder -put sledge.vox in Game folder(Teardown/data/vox/tools) located in steam folder
    Its not that complicated Teardown 2021-02-01 15-31-35.mp4 Teardown 2021-02-01 15-31-35.mp4
  10. Version 2.0(final)


    Its Sd.Kfz. 251. a german ww2 half track fitted with 75mm anti-tank gun.Has functional tracks,gun and steering wheel.This is practicly first tracked vehicle in TD without counting my prototype. Install AVF: Put all folder from Sd.Kfz. 251.zip inside mods folder and overwrite weapons.lua.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    DONT DOWNLOAD because i already made a finished tracked vehicle named sd pfz 251 .Well its a tracked vehicle but in Teardown.Dont mind the van its broken.This is just protorype.There will be german half-track with longer tracks,big GUNS... How to install it: -just put folder inside mods folder
    I like the fontbloater you made its very indradesting.
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