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  1. Excuse me, I don't know if I'm at fault but the new Latch.lua v1.4 won't work in my TD v0.4.6. The first problem is that I don't have the folder "mods" in my document/teardown folder; The second is that the name of the .lua file I downloaded is "main.lua" instead of "latch.lua", I've tried to rename it to "latch.lua", copy it together with the .ogg files into my level folder and add the script line to my .xml within <scene> but it was in vain. I'm sure the hinges are in the "closed" state at "limit 0".😟
  2. Version 1.0.0


    To install: Copy the content of the .xml file to the .xml of whichever map you want to play in Add the .vox file to the world folder as well as the scripts and sounds folder Copy the hud.lua file to the ui folder Start the level and Enjoy 🙂 The machine gun is hinge-connected, which means it is movable. It has 3 operation modes: When Driving the vehicle: Move your mouse to adjust aiming direction, click LMB to fire; Click LMB/RMB to adjust aiming direction, hit SPACE to fire. When Not Driving: Jump onto the vehicle, get into the armored cha
  3. Version 1.0.1


    This is a normal police patrol vehicle with rotating lights instead of flashing ones. To use it: Uncompress the file you just downloaded. Rename the .xml file after "custom.xml" or whichever level you are going to play, then copy it to cover the original LEVEL.xml file. You can also open it up with text editor, simply copy the content and paste it to your own LEVEL.xml file. Copy the .vox and the .lua file and paste them into the folder of the corresponding level. Start the level and enjoy.
  4. I've learned that the fulfillment of many dynamic effects like flashing lights and siren needs some Lua programming skill besides the .xml editing. But all the available tutorials about Lua I can find are just general ones. According to my speculation,Teardown itself must have involved a specific library of functions and parameters, which is neither included in the general tutorials nor officially documented or released... So I'm wondering that where and how I can get some Teardown-exclusive Lua tutorials.😂
  5. I've been exploring Teardown for several weeks. The impression this game has given me so far is that it much resembles some kind of model+code compiler, completed with some game-ish charateristics that make it playable. I have basically mastered the skill of model constructing as well as the .xml file editing thanks to the official tutorial and in-code interpretation. But the .lua is yet another story. In fact, .xml looks much like HTML in terms of syntax, which means it's just a kind of Marking Language that I'm familiar with. However, I didn't find much assistance in game-oriented .lua
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This truck is a clone of the famous HX military truck manufactured by Rheinmetall. I built this truck simply by refering to some videos about the HX, so it might not be very accurate in size and details, but I will optimize them later. Anyway, hope you will enjoy it. How to use: Download and uncompress the file Copy the HX.vox file into the folder of the level you want to play Open the HX.xml file with text editor, copy all the content into the .xml file of the level. Start the level Enjoy!
  7. wu_dl

    The Block (WIP)

    Version 3.1.4


    (Original Project Name: Road Module) This map contains 4 crossings, as well as traffic stuff (street lights, traffic lights, etc.) and buildings. I recently reshuffled and integrated the original Road Module .Voxes as an all-in-one collection, so if you want to build your own street roads, simply open the ground2.vox file, which contains all the original road modules that you may want to modify. More Buildings are under construction. *If you have downloaded my earlier version, just get the new files to cover the old ones, for I'll not only make new constructions but also adjustm
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