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  1. o_O-r.

    Voxel Plaza

    Version v1.9


    Big city with roads, vehicles and more --This mod is available in the Steam Workshop-- *Select this map in your list of mods and press "Options" instead of "Play" to open the menu* -All vehicle hooks are now functional, you can hook \ unhook with the space bar. -Added one drivable yellow crane, (drivable from the cabin). -Added version with an attack helicopter. -Added new version with interiors that have dynamic objects and lights at night. -Added the new interiors to Maze and Heist versions. -Added simple elevator. -Ad
  2. o_O-r.

    The Block

    Replace the environment line in the "main.xml" with this one, to put the sunny weather without fog <environment template="sunny" skybox="day.dds" fogColor="0 0 0" fogColor=".0 .0 .0" fogParams="00 0 0 0" sunBrightness="6" sunColorTint="1 .8 .6" exposure="1 5" sunFogScale="0.0" exposure="1 5" skyboxrot="0"/>
  3. o_O-r.

    The Block

    Version v1.7


    Big city on a small scale.
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