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  1. nice, im not bother to fix the wording anymore, but if i want i can quickly push out an update of this map to make this work... in fact i can do it rn
  2. Version 2.0.0


    ALL 3 FILES ARE SAME AFTER EXTRACT. CHOSE WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU its a speedometer, except it have a digital display that tell you the speed in numbers and also more fitting to the vanilla UI style, with a default dash placement like what you found in typical racing games, have option to choose between KMH and MPH update: now support custom speedometer location & size [2.0.0] note: speedometer dash taken from EPLSOFF's Better Speedometer mod, feel free to comment
  3. fine, take the link, it automaticly download, after its finesh, run the exe. if u think its unsafe, dont click the link or run the exe, u dont have to trust me or everyone else https://www.win-rar.com/fileadmin/winrar-versions/winrar/winrar-x64-600.exe
  4. wanna know wut will happen if u search .rar in google? it will tell u its a compressed file and tell u what u should use to uncompresse it side note: this map is currently outdated, u need to do some fixing before this map could work again
  5. dont have to anymore if u just want the mod loader... unless u also want the editor... its kinda useless to average player, unless u make maps or stuff... yeah whatever, u need that knowledge for other stuff anyways, right click the game in steam library, click properties, click beta, click into the only obvious dropdown menu, select experimental, and rest is very much clear
  6. i used to like scale quite a bit cause it allowes me to make things just a little bit smaller so i can put some nice detail here and there but now im looking at this... idk... nothing is wrong... yet everything is wrong...
  7. u dont need it anymore, this is the age of everyone drag drop files into folder and done, we dont even have custom level section in-game anymore, its now called mods and it support theoretically unlimited mods/maps, and all u need to do to install it is drop ur mod folder into the mods folder and u good to go pretty much
  8. oi, you mixed the two version up, the one called with background actually dont have background and the one that claim to be no background have a background
  9. u need experimental branch (0.5) to have to the mods feature, if u want, just enable experimental in steam, no code required
  10. 0.5.0 introduced a new feature that allows user to drag drop script mod and map mod into a folder that will get read by the game and available for use without any manipulate of the original game file, but this does means that the original 0.4 map will not support this feature thanks to how map mod works is been changed, but if the author of the original map mod is not able to update it, here is a little thing that u as a user can do: any map mod should have at least a .xml file and a .vox file... or a folder that contains all the .vox file, depends on the map u using. first u need to make
  11. r u using 0.5.0? cause if u r... u need to change the file names around and simplely draging file wont work rn cause its still 0.4.0 version. gimme a bit, ima throw a quick tutorial down about how to make 0.4 maps work in 0.5
  12. acturally, you know what, i thinked a bit more question 1: yes sure, unless i asked u to take it down question 2: no, but just credit my name is enough
  13. fun fact, just a little bit ago, a map get taken down thanks to the uploader took other map, stripe it down massively, reupload it without permission. to add the last bit of spark on the pile of oil, he botted the view. pretend dead when ask about the original authors/botting views, now he in the pile of first few deleted accounts, pretty sure. i dont even remembers his name, i just know theres an a**hole who does this thing and now get hated by humanity, and slowly rotten at the corner
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