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  1. umm... ya know the mod loader support weapon reskin right? all u need is the correct file structure... and then ppl get to do their simple drag and drop like before
  2. something, scaled objects will no longer have physics when game updates to 0.6 (available as experimental), altho due to how the funny physics engine's defines wheels, scaled down wheels still act like before, the scaled up/down vehicle body will not work
  3. shouldn't, unless the mod are installed at somewhere called inside the steam then yes u risk losing it, if ur mods are in ur documents/teardown then u r totally safe, well should be
  4. lol, finally fixed it when texting in discord, in case anyone came here, he fixed it by using the experimental version and verify the game file, ya
  5. you need do some renaming and stuff, tho i think someone made a mod loader version of it now, so u dont need to worry about it
  6. dont need to worry about mod.xml, and you can just create a folder call mod yourself
  7. nice, im not bother to fix the wording anymore, but if i want i can quickly push out an update of this map to make this work... in fact i can do it rn
  8. Version 2.0.0


    Now Continued HERE: Advanced Speedometer ALL 3 FILES ARE SAME AFTER EXTRACT. CHOSE WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU its a speedometer, except it have a digital display that tell you the speed in numbers and also more fitting to the vanilla UI style, with a default dash placement like what you found in typical racing games, have option to choose between KMH and MPH update: now support custom speedometer location & size [2.0.0] note: speedometer dash taken from EPLSOFF's Better Speedometer mod, feel free to comment
  9. fine, take the link, it automaticly download, after its finesh, run the exe. if u think its unsafe, dont click the link or run the exe, u dont have to trust me or everyone else https://www.win-rar.com/fileadmin/winrar-versions/winrar/winrar-x64-600.exe
  10. wanna know wut will happen if u search .rar in google? it will tell u its a compressed file and tell u what u should use to uncompresse it side note: this map is currently outdated, u need to do some fixing before this map could work again
  11. dont have to anymore if u just want the mod loader... unless u also want the editor... its kinda useless to average player, unless u make maps or stuff... yeah whatever, u need that knowledge for other stuff anyways, right click the game in steam library, click properties, click beta, click into the only obvious dropdown menu, select experimental, and rest is very much clear
  12. i used to like scale quite a bit cause it allowes me to make things just a little bit smaller so i can put some nice detail here and there but now im looking at this... idk... nothing is wrong... yet everything is wrong...
  13. u dont need it anymore, this is the age of everyone drag drop files into folder and done, we dont even have custom level section in-game anymore, its now called mods and it support theoretically unlimited mods/maps, and all u need to do to install it is drop ur mod folder into the mods folder and u good to go pretty much
  14. oi, you mixed the two version up, the one called with background actually dont have background and the one that claim to be no background have a background
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