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Hey you. Yeah you. Don't think I don't see you in your chair in an awkward position, and now changing positions because a ''stupid'' text reminded you, scrolling through TearDownMods to find a good mod. Hey, did you know that mods often get more views than downloads? You know how people told you to be yourself and don't copy how  others act? And if you just leave this page, your just gonna be one of the fixed, stubborn mindsets everyone else has because you can't change or grow. Go on. Leave this mod without downloading it. It's not like you will see anything else like this and better. This mod, like others, is unique, irreplaceable and you won't ever see something like this again. Changed your mind? Click the download button, THEN.

And if your a modder, copy this description to your mods . I want to see how big of a meme it becomes on teardownmods.com


Hello! I am here yet with another rally mod! It is a side project ( I am making a figure 8 next) that I made, and its basically a huge dirt circle. Yeah it may seem simple, but don't expect the slippy terrain to forgive you.  This is a mod using my own custom map for an oval and an beater coupe I made myself (Karma made the chassis) And prop_hunterrrr's pickup.


The ramp at the start requires a careful launch. Most the times I get it right but I'm just putting it out there incase you don't know.


@prop_hunterrrrr for the rusty pickup. I just added a better rust skin since it didn't seem enough to me


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