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Engage the Enemy - Minigame 6.3

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About This File

Press 'X' to activate the enemy helicopter

The enemy chopper will fire rockets if you hide under cover, outside cover there is a 5% probability of firing a rocket.

The enemy chopper will crash after half of its original weight is lost.



'W' and 'S' for Collective
'A' and 'D' for Roll
'H' to activate hover
Mouse for Pitch and Yaw
Mouse wheel to control zoom level
'F' to change ammunition (HE/AP, Hellfire I / Hellfire II)
'R' to change weapons (Machine Gun/Rockets/Missiles)
LMB to fire selected weapon
RMB to use the scope (use mouse wheel to zoom)


LMB to fire the machine gun
RMB to fire rockets


LMB to fire the minigun


'C' and 'V' to change between Drive/VTOL/Aircraft mode
'A' and 'D' for Yaw in Aircraft mode
Mouse for Pitch and Roll
LMB to fire the machine gun

F-35B Lighting II:

'R' and 'F' for throttle
Mouse for Pitch, Yaw and Roll
LMB to fire the machine gun



Set Vertical Sync to Every frame in the settings.

To use the weapons in the Apache, Hind and Hokum you need to install and enable Elboydo's Armed Vehicle Framework (AVF):


Extract the folder to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Teardown\mods


You can pilot any of the next helicopters and aircrafts:

  •     UH-1 Iroquois                             uh_1
  •     Mi-24VP Hind-E                         mi_24
  •     AH-64D Apache Longbow        ah_64
  •     AV-8B Harrier II Plus (Aircraft)  av_8
  •     F-35B Lighting II                        f_35b
  •     Ka-50Sh Hokum A                     ka_50
  •     MH-60 Blackhawk                     mh_60

Just edit main.xml

<instance pos="97.5 12.1 14.0" file="MOD/prefab/ah_64.xml"/>

and change ah_64 to the vehicle id you want to use.


You can use any of the next helicopters as enemy:

  •     UH-1 Iroquois                             uh_1_enemy
  •     Mi-24VP Hind-E                         mi_24_enemy
  •     AH-64D Apache Longbow        ah_64_enemy

Just edit main.xml

<instance pos="-156.7 3.8 -11.4" rot="0 -90 0" file="MOD/prefab/mi_24_enemy.xml"/>

and change mi_24_enemy to the helicopter id you want to fight.



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10 hours ago, BobblMan said:

How do i fire the guns?


To use the weapons you need to install and enable the Armed Vehicle Framework mod:

Don't forget to set Vertical Sync to Every frame in the settings.

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Would it be possible when mod is selected to have an options part before you start to choose the aircraft you wish to use in the mod.


Great mod

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