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A mod for Teardown v0.5.0+ that makes it possible to freeze and unfreeze time while still able to move around and change objects locations! It is in a very early state so don't expect a lot from it (still very experimental) and the current Teardown API is a bit limited. Please have this in mind when you rate the mod and make sure to ask me on discord if it does not work for you!


How to install
Here is a step by step guide on how to install Teardown UMF by the creator that you can follow https://github.com/Thomasims/TeardownUMF-Examples/wiki/Installation-Guide
You need to locate the folder where teardown.exe is installed, this can be managed by either right clicking Teardown in Steam > Manage > Browse local files or locating where you installed Steam > steamapps > common > Teardown. Here you will find teardown.exe and a few other folders, at this point you need to download TeardownUMF and move the content inside of the folder TeardownUMF-master (in the zip file) to the same folder as the teardown.exe file. There should now be a hook_modloader.bat file near teardown.exe and a mods folder with a folder called umf inside (and the default mods). When all of this has been done then you need to make sure to run the hook_modloader.bat file to hook it to the game.

After this is installed and extracted, do the same with the mod-vX.X.zip but extract it in the (C):/Users/%USERNAME%/Doucments/Teardown/mods folder instead.


How to use

  • Press T to freeze/unfreeze time.

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What's New in Version v1.2   See changelog


  • Objects will now unfreeze correctly, expect some lag from this as every body has to be updated so optimizations will be made in the future.
  • You can now move objects around when time is frozen and change their velocity (throw them).

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Great for destroying stuff. Pause BEFORE you damage anything. After you fire a rocket for example let the smoke clear. Then unfreeze time. Some of the debris will disappear but the rest will go flying as normal. If your FPS drops to much just freeze time again for a second to give your PC a few seconds to catch up! I love this! Side note, if you touch ANY debris that is currently moving while time is frozen, you will either die or fly into the air. It's kind of hilarious! I was able to double the damage to on the Dorm level thanks to this mod!


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And guys without modloader cant use this mod?! teardownumf is only for modloader! and i dont have modloader! i have win.rar!


But i think the mod is cool, because i give 5 stars ; )

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All it needs is updating! Plz provide!

Response from the author:

I've been working on a new update for a while and here it is! It has a few improvements such as the ability to move objects around when frozen in place and such but it wasn't easy to implement.

I hope you like it 🙂!

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why if i click "T" again it wont unfreeze?


Response from the author:

This is solved in the new update, I'm sorry that it has taken so long (I expected a few hours) but I ran into plenty of issues...

I hope you like the new version!


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