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A mod for Teardown v0.5.0+ that will increase performance drastically when large dynamic and static objects are destroyed. This is still in a very early state so do not expect a lot from it as the Teardown API is still very limited. Please have this in mind when you rate the mod and make sure to ask me on discord if it does not work for you (note, if your screen is black on world launch you should change the render scale to above 0)!


How to install
Here is a step by step guide on how to install Teardown UMF by the creator that you can follow https://github.com/Thomasims/TeardownUMF-Examples/wiki/Installation-Guide
You need to locate the folder where teardown.exe is installed, this can be managed by either right clicking Teardown in Steam > Manage > Browse local files or locating where you installed Steam > steamapps > common > Teardown. Here you will find teardown.exe and a few other folders, at this point you need to download TeardownUMF and move the content inside of the folder TeardownUMF-master (in the zip file) to the same folder as the teardown.exe file. There should now be a hook_modloader.bat file near teardown.exe and a mods folder with a folder called umf inside (and the default mods). When all of this has been done then you need to make sure to run the hook_modloader.bat file to hook it to the game.

After this is installed and extracted, do the same with the mod-vX.X.zip but extract it in the (C):/Users/%USERNAME%/Doucments/Teardown/mods folder instead.


How to use
This mod works with the options section in the official Teardown mod manager tab, there you will find a few options to tweak for the performance benefits you need. Simply the options you have work as follows.

  • FPS counter displays a number in the top right corner that is roughly your FPS (due to some constraints in the Teardown API this isn't fully accurate and won't display below 30FPS). This will update every in-game second to be humanly readable.
  • Light disabler will disable all lights when you enter a world, this doesn't have a huge performance impact but was still an easy feature to implement.
  • Debris cleaner removes all broken debris that is smaller and lighter then a set value with the slider found below called debris size. This will also change exponential to your FPS (lower FPS, larger debris removed).
  • Dynamic debris is an experimental feature but could be useful if many dynamic objects are in play, it works by changing all bodies out of the player range to static to avoid loads of gravity calculations when the player doesn't care about the objects (hard coded range is 15 for now).




Edited by CoolJWB
How to install changes

What's New in Version v1.2.3   See changelog


  • Fixed settings for v0.5.4

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

It seems like there was an issue with the render scale of the first version, if you downloaded the mod before this comment was posted you'll need to change the render scale in the mod options to above 0 or press the reset button.

If you have any other issues please contact me on Discord (CoolJWB#5847)!

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16 minutes ago, realgermanspy said:

for some reason damaged parts will start flashing white


I never disabled the debugging mode before I released it, apologies! I will release a fix to this real soon!

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24 minutes ago, CoolJWB said:

I never disabled the debugging mode before I released it, apologies! I will release a fix to this real soon!

Should be solved now!

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10 hours ago, xfreakazoidx said:

Will this mess with any mods I have installed in the new version of Teardown?

As long as my experience with this mod, no.

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I'm having a weird bug where the mod literally does nothing. It shows up as being a loaded mod when opening a level, but it doesn't do anything (no fps counter, light disabling, voxels being static/removed etc.)

I've tried both the latest release and the latest experimental version of Teardown, neither of them work.

Edited by Thebombuknow
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