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This will be continued HERE: Please Pick a Name's Vehicle Pack



there's been a story going around, basically it's about a group of racing freaks trying to fight the local racing gang, the story goes as you would expect, except the ending, they are all dead. one get it's tire popped by a pistol when going at 250km/h, instant flip and rolling, landed on the side rail guard and turn into a big fireball. the other one get ram off the cliff by fake incoming traffic that's actually a gang member, landed onto a big rock, on its roof.

it says that the group didn't actually die, they will appears at the midnight, with their still perfect condition vehicle, haunting down anyone that goes near that area. there's people claiming that they saw the ghost vehicle appears in their back mirror but there isn't any proves, the only thing found is a very low quality camera record with loud background noises and unclear but suspicious man speaking noises, yet the white dots looks like some sticker on the window other then actual headlight.

with that, we will start our trip into the dark woods now to tell you another story, and we will choose this straight but dark road to build up some environment, than a bit of off-roading to get to our final destination. don't leave the stream yet, there's a lot more going on ahead people...


3 files are same after extract

This mod contains 2 Vehicles

Updated to use the new founded prefab instance system, for a cleaner looking XML file and potentially better support for future in-game object spawner

guide for prefab instance install are inside readme.txt

the ghost vehicle were made out of normal vehicle vox file but disabled palette and material and render settings, so the missing information of the vox file cause the game to create what I name it right now, the ghost vehicle

Ghost Vehicles, satisfy almost all the properties of ghost, almost invisible, never dies, immune to almost everything but afraid of weird random stuff

feel free to comment

Edited by Please Pick a Name

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


body overhaul for the Asphalt Ghost

Updated to use the new founded prefab instance system, for a cleaner looking XML file and potentially better support for futures in-game object spawner, and also fixed various small things like lights and such with the new editor

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