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 Terrorist's kit is overhaul of player's arsenal in game. It replaces almost all weapons and equipment items with new models and sounds for these weapons: 

1. APS Stechkin (gun)

2. Old beaten up Mossberg 400 (shotgun)

3. Pipebomb + cellphone IED (bomb)

The idea is just to make something, that I haven't done before, just to spice my gallery of creations up. Our character blows private property up in-game like nothing, destroys buildings, wrecks havoc, creates chaos I'm not a specialist in these things, but I would say it's terrorism. That's why I came up with this kit as my first one. 

Whole kit:

• Rusty sledgehammer

• Old, old blowtorch 

• APS Stechkin, almost like brand new

• Mossberg 400, a bit rusty and beaten up

• Some odd looking sraypaint can

• RGD5 hand grenade from soviet warehouses

• IED made in uncle Amir's basement

• Old fire extinguisher, probably from some old soviet fire truck that happened to finds it's way to the middle east

• RPG-7 almost like factory new



Before you ask:

Only completely untouched equipment item is plank. I don't see a point of making new wooden plank that looks just a bit different. Another completely untouched weapon is rocket launcher, because I moved on from playing this game, to try modding it. It will be added as soon as I play the game, unlock it to be able to actually use it and tinker around with it.



Just drag and drop folder named "data"  into your game's directory and replace the files. There is a screenshot in the archive telling you how exactly to replace sounds. I will repeat what's written there - go to steamapps\common\Teardown\data\snd\tools and delete files that are shown in the screenshot that is in the archive that you have downloaded. That's it.


For those who already have V1.00, just download "Update V1.01" . Those, who are downloading it for the first time - download "Terrorist's kit [V1.01 included]" it's the whole mod file with everything is has to offer and with RPG-7 and it's sounds inside. 



It contains everything, no need for any additional downloads.


At first I want to say, that obviously with this mod I mean no offense or racist intentions towards people from countries that suffers from terrorism, domestic and vice versa. This is just a work of fiction, inspired by video games, movies. 

Also, this kit is not finished! This mod is not finished without the rocket launcher. I will honestly try to unlock it by playing the game in my free time as soon as I can, then mod it and update this kit. I also have some other things I want to implement to this mod, change a bit more than just weapons and sounds for them, but time will show if I will be able to do so, or just stick to these amateur creations. Also, I will make more kits, I already have some ideas on my mind. 

With V1.01 being done and uploaded, I will probably look for better sound effects and edit them for the RPG, current ones are not what I want them to sound like.


Thanks. Any comments, feedback, reviews are highly appreciated, check my profile for my previous mods. 

Edited by cCheerSs

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


- new map (campaign)

- new sounds for terminal (campaign)(same sounds as in my other mod - Thief's kit)

- new desktop image for the terminal

- minor changes for terminal UI

Terrorist's kit will receive same kind of updates as my other mod - Thief's kit. Meaning that when one of these two receives a new map, new gun, new sounds, other one will soon get the same thing, but for it's theme. 


Installation: drag and drop, replace with original files. 

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