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About This File


(you can click with the middle mouse button to the download buttons)


Thanks to Fang86 to let me put his link here

This mod will allow you to use my automatic gun models (like my m16) in automatic mode!


This is my mod pack, it adds some very detailed (atleast for me) tools, from grenade launcher replacing pipebombs to my another pack of vanilla tools with hands!. All in this pack!


INSTALLATION (you can download separately)

Extract the file/s and put the folder/s in Teardown/mods

WARNING: Dont enable more than 1 skin for the same tool. if you do so it will show the first one you enabled.

GUNS (with the replacement)


MGL-105 Grenade Launcher (pipebomb) (called MGL-140 in the file)

BFG 9000 (rocket launcher)

Webley revolver (gun)

Grenade (pipebomb)

RPG-7 (rocket launcher)

Katana (sledge)

Guns With Hands pack (all tools with hands)

C-4 (bomb)

AA-12 (shotgun)

Magnum (gun or shotgun if you want)

De Lisle (gun)

Deagle (gun or shotgun you decide)

Deagle GOLD (gun or shotgun you decide)

Mini Deagle (gun or shotgun you decide)

Mini Deagle GOLD (gun or shotgun you decide)

Colt 1911 (gun)

M1 Garand (gun)

Kar98K (gun)

Panzerschreck (rocket launcher)

Aimed Panzerschreck (yes) (rocket launcher)

Trench shotgun (shotgun)

German blowtorch (idk the name) (blowtorch)

Military shovel (or tactical spoon xd) (sledge)

Stielhandgranate (pipebomb)

Dynamite (bomb)

Double Barrel Shotgun (shotgun)

Judge revolver (or Jury) (shotgun)

M16 functional Grenade Launcher (gun and pipebomb)

Luger P08 (gun)

SKS (gun)

Minigun (use with attached mod) (gun)

MP40 (use with attached mod) (gun)

Thompson (also other one with drum) (use with attached mod) (gun)

PPSh-41 (use with attached mod) (gun)

SCAR-L (use with attached mod) (gun)

SPAS-12 (shotgun)

Edited by Kolaach
updated info

What's New in Version 2.1   See changelog


Added SPAS-12

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more downloads then view holy shit

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windows 98 bfdi

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ehre is blowtorch?


Response from the author:

Yes, there is. please use the comment section to make questions and read the guns section in the description. (why 1 star?)

Could you change the review or delete it? you didnt say nothing about the mod, you just made a question.

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Can you just add the whole pack to a zip because it is a pain to download everything manually and when you want to change it you come back here over and over again

Response from the author:

Yep. Or you can click with the middle mouse button to the download buttons. Or you can download them all and place them in a folder.

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Really cool weapon pack!

Response from the author:

Thank you!!

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Looks very nice. Keep it up! 🙂 

Regards Joep,

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