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Bringing Rocket League to Teardown!

This mod implements the core gameplay aspects of Rocket League.



-Working goal/point scoring system
-Ballcam (experimental)
-Ability to play as Blue/Orange Team
-Realistic Goal Explosions
-Working opponent AI (modified version of el Boydo's Simple AI)
-Freeplay Mode
-Boost pickups across the map



For those not familiar with Rocket League, the main objective of the game
is to score in the opposing team's goal. That's it.



Car controls ingame are largely similar to default PC controls in Rocket League.

-W: Tilt Forward (Aerial)
-A: Tilt Backward (Aerial)
-S : Tilt Left (Aerial)
-D: Tilt Right (Aerial)
-Q : Left Roll (Aerial)
-R: Right Roll (Aerial)
-Shift: Toggle Ballcam
-Backspace: Respawn Car/Ball (Ball only respawns in Freeplay)


Warnings: The AI can sometimes get stuck. Scoring a goal normally fixes this issue, as the AI
car respawns with each goal scored.

The AI also might be a little sluggish when first loading into a gamemode. Restarting the level fixes this issue.


Massive credit to el Boydo for his Simple AI mod. Check it out here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2405563231

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