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About This File

This spawn mod containes:

  1. An UAZ Russian Police Car (siren does not working)
  2. An Old fashioned GAZ-21
  3. 2 Lada, the 3-striped is faster than the simple Lada (when you try to spawn them, it may be bugged, and cant spawn it to you)
  4. A modified Military truck, GAZ-66 Russian truck (im gonna improve the model in the future, if you guys want)

All you guys need to do is take all these xml and vox files into the car folder inside the vehicle folder, inside the assets folder, inside the vehiclepack folder.


Before testing this mod, enter the following things in the file named vehiclepack spawn after #cars:

assets/vehicle/car/Jacobi.xml : Russian Vehicles/UAZ Russian Police
assets/vehicle/car/Lada.xml : Russian Vehicles/Lada 2104 Combi
assets/vehicle/car/Slav_Bangmachine.xml : Russian Vehicles/Tuned Lada 2104
assets/vehicle/car/Volga.xml : Russian Vehicles/Volga GAZ-21
assets/vehicle/car/GAZ-66.xml : Russian Vehicles/GAZ-66 Truck


Give credit wherever you repost a model of mine!

Edited by Moxxie_Gaming

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


Hello, I decorated some of the vehicles I created this year for the holidays (I wanted to do this holiday decoration on the Gaz-66, but i failed it) I hope you like it, it's possible to add them to the game using the method described in the previous update descriptions. Happy Holidays!


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