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Toggle between Click and Draw (Hold)
Set Explosive Size
Click to Explode
Click to Draw Fire
Click to Spawn Activated Explosive
Click to Spawn Timed Activated Explosive
Delay option to delay each explosive to wait a certain amount of time before the next explosive.
Set Tool for Explosive spawn
Set Tool for Detonator 
Disable Explosive Size and Detonator Notifications
Mini Nuke mod supported use, the uncap button to use it
New Uncap Sliders (for Mini Nuke) Added:
Click Explosion Uncapped Size: Values 1 - 100
Precision Explosion Size: Values 0.1 - 10 this slider adds to Click Explosion Uncapped Size and allows for decimal sizes.

Due to a modding limitation I'm unable to attach explosives to actual objects, they will unfortunately only explode in the same area they are placed. When possible I will make this a toggle.

Installation Note:  You only need to download the zip. The raw files are so users who may not have Winrar or 7zip can still install the mod.
Installation instructions are included in the zip.

Does not require mini nuke dll, I just support the use of it through the uncap toggle.

Edited by Doomdrvk

What's New in Version 1.29   See changelog


Another minor update. Decided to allow you to set a delay time of 1 and 5 milliseconds, because I found it useful myself.

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4 hours ago, vuurkoning said:

is it mpe or did it break? (im asking cus im not sure if its broken or if other mods that i installed broke it.)

Most likely broke with other mods

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