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It's a glƒ crt́. Add it to your favourite map! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Download Gradstone Valley to get the map shown in the images, which includes multiple of these carts included with it.


- To add this to a map of your choice, make a local copy of this mod and click on "Edit".
- In the xml editor, right-click on the "cart" vehicle tag and click "copy".
- In File, click "open". Go to the map's directory that you want this vehicle in, and load up its main.xml.
- Once you're in your map's editor, you can make a new group in the scene called "Vehicles" (for simplicity, if it's not already there).
- Right-click the "Vehicles" group, then click "paste" to add the golf cart vehicle tag we copied above.
- Uh oh, your golf cart isn't visible. Its .vox file needs to be copied into the map folder somewhere.
- Copy golfcart.vox and paste it into "yourmap/main/vehicle/"
- Go back to the map's xml editor and update the locations of the golf cart's body and wheels to "LEVEL/vehicle/golfcart.vox"
- Bob's your uncle.

**For the wheel bumper golf cart, instead of copying the "cart" vehicle tag, copy the "wheel bumper cart" vehicle tag instead. Then follow the exact same directions.

Good luck following all that. Message me or leave a comment if you still need help.

Edited by Cobes

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


  • Increased suspension height. Go more places without bottoming out all the time!
  • Added a new wheel bumper golf cart. It was made for my Gradstone Valley map to make it a lot easier to drive on rough terrain.
  • Improved engine sound.

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